This SH*! is not normal.

This weekend my husband said something to me that truly broke my heart. As we celebrated my 40th with a weekend away he said " we need to get Isi out more, this shit isn't normal"

We need to get Isi out more. She has just turned 4 & we realised she has spent over a 3rd of her life in Covid lock-down. As a 4 year old she can sing you the alphabet, her favourite cartoon theme song & explain what it means when the government puts you into lock-down. That is not normal. 

To give you an idea here are a few things we have noticed:

  • She gets anxious at ELC, crying she misses us because she has been in the house with us for so long. 
  • She converses with adults like a 12 year old. Yes there may be benefits but some of the issues she talks to us about are not the responsibility of a 4 year old. 
  • She is worried we are going to heaven or not going to come home. No matter how much we shield her from the news the fact is so many loved ones have been lost in the last 2 years. Geez I worked for a Funeral Home!
  • She has anxiety in large groups, will go inwards & move to the outskirts of the group to keep space. 
  • She has anxiety with noise. No i'm not talking construction level noise. She can not cope with the hairdryer, kids all chatting at ELC & the lawnmower. 

Can I just re-iterate this shit is not normal. Yes as parents we work through so many issues as kids grow up but I was not prepared for this. If I am being completely honest I have had my own level of anxiety with covid especially reintegrating back into society. I have felt scared not so much for myself but that of my hubby with Asthma & especially Isi with a heart condition. I am 100% certain that this has contributed more stress to my Mini so I am working on looking after myself a little more too. 

So how do we combat this? Well as a family we have made some simple commitments.

  • In summer we will head to the beach before school.
  • On the weekends we will make at least once a month effort to host friends & kids.
  • We will head to the playground once a week.
  • We are aiming to take quarterly weekend getaways 

These small commitments won't change everything. We are working with ELC to help but every small change can add up. 

For myself personally & you mumma we need to still be our own entity. I am Brooke, not just mum so I have made a few personal commitments. 

  • Take a walk alone daily. Some days it is only around the block but it is 5 minutes alone
  • Spend quiet time with so stimulation. NO phone, Ipad or TV. I grab a cup of tea before bed & take 5 minutes to just sit. 
  • Read! I love reading so even if it is just 2-3 pages I escape. It is something for me.

I am sure I am not alone in feeling this way so to help I have put below some of the best resources & social media accounts I know to help you feel connected & guide your Mini's through some challenges you may be facing.

Finally I am here for you. I am here to listen, to chat, to help make your parenting journey simple in any way I can. If there is anyway I can support you please reach me on or @miniculture on Instagram. Drop me a comment here or DM. Connection is what will help us thrive. 

If you know a mumma that could use this read the greatest thing you can do for me is pass this along & connect them to our community. 


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