Preparing for birth.

If there is one thing I know it is that birth does not always go as planned. I recall being in my OB's office saying "I won't be having any drugs" ahhhhh how she must have laughed on the inside.

If I can impart any wisdom to you before your birth it is this, be flexible. 

My plan for my birth was simple. Go into labour, work through as much pre birth as I could at home, hit the hospital for the pushing with gas & boom! We have a baby.

The reality was at 41+ weeks I was induced. My body is such a comfy little oven that Miss Isi had no intention of coming out. Induction meant starting off in the hospital. I had to release the idea of long hot showers & baths in the comfort of my home for medical intervention. After going through process & general expectations of induction my body threw that out the window too  and went Into crazy full blown contractions within 10 minutes. I remember the nurse asking if I wanted an epidural & I said no it hasn't been that long I'm fine. Her reply was this. "Sweetheart its been over 5 hours" WHAATTTTT? Without getting too private the long & the short was my body went into such shock that I could not dilate meaning Miss Isi was not coming out so I got an epidural. (Note: get your hubby to leave for this, he may just pass out from the needles) The joy of the epidural was it allowed my body to relax, to dilate & then very quickly birth a perfect little lady. So what is the point of sharing this?

Well if you are pregnant or soon to give birth I want to share what I have learned in hopes that it may make your journey a little simpler.

1- Find the right DR for you. Private or Public it is your choice but find a DR that you connect with, that you feel confident with & you feel safe with. Find someone that can advise you while also being considerate of your plans for birth. When you find that person ask them for a recommendation for a Paediatrician too as you will need one as soon as your mini is born. 

2- IT takes two. Yes to create but also to deliver so get on the same page as your partner. Birth is a huge experience for you both & it is important you both know exactly what you want & need before you enter that birthing suite. Be crystal clear on your expectations. 

3- Get educated but never from DR Google.  With your partner get a list of all your questions together & take them to your OB to get the facts. Ask them about all the options. Tell them of your plan & ask them on their take if that plan needs changing during birth. Birth is scary & some random google run is not going to make you feel secure or prepared for labour. 

4- Have a Crystal Clear Home Plan. This was my biggest win. Set up expectations with your partner on what you need from friends & family. Your baby doesn't make you a spectacle to visit. Do you want no visitors for 2 weeks? Do you want only 1 guest at a time? Do you need help with food deliveries. Your family & friends love you & will be so excited for you but that can easily spill into your bonding time. If you set up expectations before you return home you can communicate them with care before you are exhausted, feeding & scream at someone to leave!

If this has been helpful please let us know. If you have someone you think could use a little advice please pass this post along. We are here to serve you.

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