Mini Culture- All the Questions.

I have shopped from many brands over the years but never more since having my daughter & the havoc of Covid -19 have I made considered purchases. 

I have considered how does this product support my family? How can I purchase this product & support a small business? Is this going to make life easier? Is this product going to benefit our health? Once I am done with it how will this hold up to pass along?

As a new parent dragging my slightly larger than before behind to shops, then a screaming toddler & then surviving lock-down after lock-down has me thinking there must be a better way. I spent hours that I should have been sleeping looking for the best products, reading safety labels, asking so many questions & as I began to create this gorgeous little shop those questions helped me establish a mission.


Here goes!

1- Safety. Is this product safe? Does is contain fragrance, toxins, BPA? Will it hold up to wear & tear? Is it natural?

2- Simple. Can you use this product with ease? No Mumma has the time for complicated cleaning, usage & washing.

3- Problem Solving. How will this product help make your life easier?

4- Value. How long term will this product save a family money + be passed along for future use. To me value is not price, it is usage, longevity & sustainability.

5- Beautiful. Yes I still want a product to look & feel gorgeous. I love seeing new parents to proudly show off purchases all the while knowing it is the best choice they could purchase. 

6- Local. Can I source this form a Australian supplier / manufacturer?

I could jump onto a trade site & purchase all matter of bits + bobs that are pretty, have you handing over your hard earned cash & stand on the porch waiting for the postman but it's just not my way. 

These are questions I ask of every product I use for MY FAMILY.  If I can't meet these needs for myself I won't put them in my store, ask you to spend money, share us with your friends & put the health & happiness of your family at risk.

I know there are downsides to my way. I won't have everything other shops have + I may not appeal to the masses, but I am okay with that. If you ever have any questions about our stock or want us to go searching for something you need in your life please just email me or reach out on Instagram. 

Mwah x


PS. If you enjoyed this read or know someone that could use a read please comment them in, drop them an email, screen shot it. or guide them over to Instagram.  Do what ever you need to do to help another parent thrive! It takes a village. 



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