Low Tox Sun Safety

I don't show my face here that often, however when I do you will notice it is very white. Heck I am talking never leave the house without a hat & sunscreen white. Thankfully Miss Isi has been blessed with skin that takes the sun a little better. That said all skin can get sun damage & it is my role to teach her sun safety. Do you remember that old lady in "Something about Mary"? We do not want to be her!

The thing about sun safety is finding the balance to avoid burn but not overload on toxins. We are pretty lucky here in Australia with the sunscreen industry being regulated by the TGA on formula, ingredients & claims but that doesn't mean all sunscreens are made equal.

If you have been on this ride with me for a while you will know I created Mini Culture to bring families a space to find non synthetic & low toxic products in one easy space. After 3 years of infertility, lots of medical intervention & serious mental health issues I know too well stress & toxic load were contributing factors. It is my driving force to reduce that in the next generation while making those choices SIMPLE for you.

So what's important to me?

  • No fragrance
  • Ingredients are clearly listed
  • No Oxybenzone (hormone disruption)
  • High SPF rating

What's on my wish list as a bonus?

  • Safe for the planet
  • Aussie made 

Four months of reading research, TGA reports, ringing companies, trying out brands & today I am here full of Joy to announce the arrival of People 4 Ocean into the Mini Culture shop.


Why P4O?

  • They are Australian made
  • They are natural plant based
  • They use Zinc Oxide as the active ingredient
  • They are Reef Safe so they also won't harm the planet
  • They offer a natural VEGAN product with high SPF 
  • It is scented with essential oils NOT fragrance

So we are not so patiently waiting on the footpath for the courier so we can get them straight into your soon to be Sun Safe hands. 

You can grab your sunscreen now on the website & don't forget to tag us in with #miniculture to share how you are creating a safer + healthier life for your mini.

Heads up: I am not a DR, dermatologist, scientist. If you have any questions I am happy to share my experience & even ask the team at P4O questions on your behalf but I strongly suggest you consult your GP about any skin concerns & get Skin check ups annually!



PS- Can I ask a favour? If you know someone who should read this or enjoy a cuppa & a read please leave a comment, share the Journal or send them over to me on Instagram. Mini Culture is about creating community & your support means the world to me. Thank you. 

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